Desktop to Online Conversion

Desktop to Online Conversion

Quickbooks desktop to Quickbooks online conversion.


A lot of people have been asking me the correct procedure to convert Quickbooks desktop file to Quickbooks Online so I thought of writing the complete process.

Just follow the these simple steps to convert your file but it should be done in the right order.

1:Open the file, then go to File > Utilities > Copy Company File for QuickBooks Online . . .

2:Then it would ask you to save it on your hard drive. The file type was a *.OE.QBW file extension so do that.

Once saved,

3: log in to QBO, head to the company menu, and tell it you wanted to import your data from Quickbooks desktop.

A short time later, you’d get an e-mail telling you it was all good to go and you were set. Now, it’s MUCH easier.

4:Now login to your QBOA account, you’ll see big button in the top right that says: +New QBO Company. Click that!

You’ll then be asked to give this a name. Go ahead and put your client’s company name in there and choose what subscription level you want – Simple Start, Essentials. or Plus.

Once the company is created, this window pops up to tell you how to convert QBDT to QBO.

Hope This helps.

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4 thoughts on “Desktop to Online Conversion

    1. Hi ,
      We have a QBB file an australian version we are trying to retrieve the data. I have few things to open the file but at the end it come up with an error: ” your file in not an U.S. version” Do you have any suggestions for it??

      1. You cant open that backup file in US version of Quickbooks if the file was created in Australian version, get reckon, The Australian version of Quickbooks.

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