Resolving QuickBooks Emailing Issue.

Resolving QuickBooks Emailing Issue.

A lot of people has been complaining that they are not able to email from QuickBooks. Here is the fix for it.

Cause: There can be multiple reason for this issue,

  • incorrect email configuration.
  • PDF Converter not working
  • Damaged file.

The Fix: identifying the root cause is very important. here is a few troubleshooting steps to find the toot cause.

1: open an invoice & go to file-save a pdf. & save it on your deskop. If you are able to save it, It means that the pdf converter is working fine & we need to troubleshoot email configuration or data damage.

Lets assume that we are getting an error while saving the invoice as pdf

Here is the fix: Run pdf diagnostic tool.

If that doesn’t help,

1: Download Windows 7 XPS Document writer to the computer.

2: create a new folder on your desktop & extract the downloaded files.

3: go to Open Devices and Printers & delete Microsoft XPS document writer.

4: Click “Add a new printer” on the top and click “The printer that I want
wasn’t listed”

5: Select “Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings” and click next & create a new port.

6: select Local Port from the dropdown & name it as XPS

7: now click ob browse & select the “prnms001” from the extracted folder on the desktop & replace the existing file.

8: do not share it & don’t make it the default printer.

Once done try to save an invoice as PDF & it should work.

IF its not a PDF issue then you need to check with the email configuration setting or data damage.

Feel free to contact me if it docent fix your problem.


15 thoughts on “Resolving QuickBooks Emailing Issue.

  1. Not a PDF issue on my end…. Just went through all the steps and was able to save a file. Now what?? Thanks in advance!

      1. I too have had this very issue. All fixes tried and still no fix. I have been quickbooks customer since 1998. This mess is unbelievable. It should be a very simple thing to send an invoice through email. The email sends just fine and I get the dialog box that says email sent successfully then 2 seconds later the message Quickickbooks has stopped working. Every invoice I send I need to restart QB. I sat down to send 7 invoices and 2 estimates and yest I had to restart QB 9 TIMES!!! What a piss poor Program. Please tell me how to fix it.

      2. ive been a QB customer since 2001 i very angry and frustrated all the problems you have discribed ive been going through for a year.
        it has been endless hours with tech support who i have found to be useless. my staff refuse to call them for help.
        not sure where to turn to resolve issue and it is a major step to change programs to another company software system.

        Albert Schwab
        Chilliwack electrical Services

  2. I’m having the exact same problem, please share the fix with all of us!! QuickBooks shuts down after every invoice email sent! needless to say, not good…

  3. It sounds like I’m not the only one who tries to send an invoice and it crashes. I get a pop up that says “Quickbooks is shutting down, What were you trying to do” I reply ” invoicing” I try to send the info to Quickbooks and it won’t send and the program crashes. I have to turn off the computor and start over. It sounds like your new program is no good.
    I have had Quickbooks for years and never have I had this problem. I am very close to starting up with another invoice provider. If there is any help you can provide me with, I would appreciate it.
    Thank you,

    1. This is a very common issue. & there are various reason for this error. It could be the PDF Writer, Windows compatibility, template, Email configuration are a few to list. You need to isolate these reasons & get to the root cause.
      Do provide more info like OS, QB version etc etc..

  4. I just bought a new computer with Windows 8. Have QB 2012 version with some with current updates. Computer out the box would not allow to send invoices as a pdf or allow to save as a pdf document.

    Followed the steps above and “BAM” It worked the first time.

    Printer works fine….I can email invoicing again…..Great fix! Thank You!!

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