QuickBooks not opening – Causes and Resolution

QuickBooks not opening – Causes and Resolution


Ever experienced this problem ? QuickBooks starts to  loads but disappear..

This article will help you to Identify & fix the problem..   when we talk about QuickBooks we are actually dealing with two different entities, the data file & application and out first step is to find out whats not working. the application or the file.

Below are a few steps to identify the same..

  • Try opening QuickBooks holding the cltr key down.(Holding the cltr key down prevents QuickBooks from opening the last company file.) If you are able to get to the No Company open windows then it means the application is good & working.
  • Try opening QuickBooks by clicking directly on qbw file.
  • Try opening a sample file. If sample files are opening & working properly then it means the problem is with your company file.

These 3 steps are enough to identify the problem.

If the problem is with the application then going for a clean install will resolve the problem & if its a data problem then contact QuickBooks Data Recovery service.

Other alternate is to restore a good backup copy.

Hope is small article will help you to identify the point of failure.


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