Unable to print from QuickBooks

Unable to print from QuickBooks

Ever came to a situation where you need to print some checks from QuickBooks but your printer wont print.

this a very frustrating situation when things don’t work the way its supposed to.

In this article i will explain the the troubleshooting printer issues. As always, first thing to do is to identify the issue & then work on fixing it.

Isolate the issue, Try printing something form a notepad or Microsoft word. If that works then it means the printer is working fine & we need to work on QuickBooks printer setting. & if you are not able to print from notepad or Microsoft word then we need to troubleshoot the actual printer.

Lets say that the situation now is that the printer works fine with other application but its just the QuickBooks that you are not able to print from.

1 : Update QuickBooks to the latest Release.

2: Run the printer repair tool.

3: Delete QBPRINT.QBP.  The printer settings are stored in a file called QBPRINT.QBP. This issue most often occurs if the file has become damaged or corrupted.

If the printing problem is due to application error then these three simple steps will resolve the issue.

Hope this helps Someone.


10 thoughts on “Unable to print from QuickBooks

  1. Might this procedure also help if a QB file won’t print to PDF?

    Jaime Campbell,

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  2. I am using QuickBooks and had same print issue. Accidentally I found this blog over Google and found it very helpful for me. Thanks for sharing this guide, just three common steps does all work.

  3. Thank you Dhanyawad. Excellent advice. Here’s a step 4 for those that need more.
    Close Quickbooks.
    Remove and reinstall the printer in Windows.
    Restart Quickbooks.

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