Perfect time to upgrade QuickBooks.

Perfect time to upgrade QuickBooks.

Finally the wait is over & i believe its the perfect time for upgrade, although QuickBooks 2015 has been almost released 2 months back but personally I don’t believe in upgrading the software as soon its released as there might be flaws & defect. Its always wise to wait until major bugs are fixed, Now with the release of R3 for Quickbooks 2015 most of the major bugs which were:-

  • Issue causing file upgrades to fail.
  • Issue preventing the Accountant Toolbox from unlocking.
  • Printing issue when using the Intuit Preprinted forms setting.

Anyone using QuickBooks 2012 & below should upgrade as they are discontinued by Intuit & all online services like Payroll, merchant services, online banking has been discontinued.

QuickBooks 2015 has got some really new cool features, here are some..

  • Insights is a new feature added on homepage gives you an overview of how your business is doing.
  • Pinned Notes is a new feature for customer or vendor to write notes so that it always shows in the Center for that list, as well as being the default note included in reports.
  • Send Portable Company File. Sending portable is much easier now.

These are just a few new feature but there are several other on the list.

QuickBooks 2015 is available in 4 different flavor.

  1.  QuickBooks Pro 2015
  2. QuickBooks Premier 2015
  3. QuickBooks Enterprise 2015
  4. QuickBooks Accountant 2015

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QuickBooks Pro 2015

QuickBooks 2015 for Mac

QuickBooks Premier 2015

QuickBooks Accountant 2015



2 thoughts on “Perfect time to upgrade QuickBooks.

  1. Where are the rest of the improvements – its a bit sad that we wait for a rebuild and we get little in the way of ease of use and modernisation

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