Bug with the latest release of Quickbooks.

With the latest release of Quickbooks update people have reported several issues with it.

I am talking about R7P for Quickbooks 2016 and R10P for Quickbooks 2015 ( one can press f2 while quickbooks is open to check the release)

In most cases Quickbooks keeps asking you to change the password again and again and goes in a loop and in some cases it wont open the file at all, and by any chance if you are able to open the file it encrypts all sensitive information in that specific file which can either be fixed by editing the those sensitive information’s or by restoring a backup prior to the update.

Currently intuit dose not have a fix for it and working on it however the workaround is to downgrade the release of it. But the question is how?

Here is the answer, Simply uninstall your quickbooks from your computer and reinstall with a older release version of quickbooks, If you have purchased a hard copy (cd) then you may use it to reload it back on the computer and shut down the automatic update for quickbooks till the bug is fixed with in the new release or download Quickbooks with lower release from here if you don’t have the original disc.

Download Quickbooks Pro 2016 R5P    (Same setup file can be used for Pro and Premier)

Download Quickbooks Pro 2016 R6P

Download Quickbooks Enterprice 16.0

Download Quickbooks 2015  (Same setup file can be used for Pro and Premier)

Download Enterprice 15.0

This is just a workaround until intuit fixes the their bug in the new release.

Do feel free to email me at qb.support@aol.com if in-case your file is damaged in this process and need help for recovery.